Individual Metamorphosis

Things do not change. We change.

Everyone goes through changes in life. Some of us succeed with a plan. Nature supports processes with caterpillars and butterflies. However, with humans, the very aspect of having a choice to change could be the reason for success as well as procrastination. Oops.
What is stopping us? Do we have some kind of hesitation? We know it can happen but it is still not happening - what is it?
We believe that positive change can be done by anyone. Whether it is a physical goal such as running a long-distance course or a mental goal of meeting your most difficult customers, little steps help.
"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do." - Jeff Olson
We will walk together for a year and you can achieve more in the next 3 months than the whole of last year. Imagine what is coming with certainty of accomplishment in the next whole year. Right now, we should talk over a coffee (or something better)!

Business And Results

The power of aligned goals for the entire organisation is enourmous.

The most critical factor in the success of a business is the team and alignment of the members to the over-arching vision of the organisation. When this is missing, any level of strategy delivered by expensive advisors will not produce the results expected. When the team is aligned and motivated, they start moving towards their goals faster and with certainty.
When team members and the leadership have their own agenda which may or may not be the same, chaos ensues. Leaders either take on a tough stance or start mending things using short-term solutions - either of them is not enough to take the organisation out of this chaos. Lack of motivation follows and disengaged members move on or move out.
The Business And Results program is a step-by-step walk through, generally over a period of 12 months as per the needs of that business, to (over) achieve a set of clear results aligned with the objectives and vision of the business. The beauty of the matter here is we never give a cookie-cutter plan - every business is unique and we start with a discussion with you and then with your team. Right now, we should talk over a coffee (or something better)!

Total Focus

Focus your goals and sharpen your tools.

Goals are dreams with a specified timeline. We know our dreams and we still let me remain dreams. Most of our favourite goals are the ones we still have to get to. What is our list of reasons?
People get excited about something and then go back to the usual ways in a few days. Remind you of someone? Lack of focus and direction is a bigger culprit than the perceived lack of time. We are living our lives in the past, is it?
Power Event is a combination of two sessions that has a definite answer to all your hesitations and excuses. The additional and unique benefit here is that we talk about how to keep working effortlessly towards your goals without falling off-track. How do we do it?
Right now, we should talk over a coffee (or something better)!

"Huddle Talk!"

A team aligned can move mountains.

"Huddle Talk!" is a FREE, short interactive session on getting the members of your team focused to your team and organisation's goals. It is important for everyone in the team to row together to get the boat faster towards the destination.
Most teams know what to do and how to do it, and still miss their goals. Not the ones with total focus and an action-oriented approach.
The focus of this talk is on how to beat procrastination and get more done in less time. There is a significant and immediate impact on staff productivity after the free talk alone.
Many companies have booked this talk at the end of their weekly/monthly team meetings and the team is super-charged to achieve what they set out to.
Give a boost to your team, today!

Our Core Team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” ― Michael Jordan

Our global values refer to presenting a new world that is borderless, better world, where diversity is united. This is not just a play of words but a serious commitment with inspired action, to enable our audience to get better and better every day. We do this via our public speaking, workshops/funshops, courses and other programs.

Jeev Sahoo
Jeev Sahoo
Jeev Sahoo is an entrepreneur, and a strategy director. He has been hired for his skills in leading multi-cultural teams to success in times of crisis. Jeev Sahoo has been working with corporates across Europe, Asia and the US for 15 years before starting this effort. He specializes in leadership development, especially during crises. He has been a startup mentor for MassChallenge and appeared on National Geographic Channel for his consulting work. He closely works with clients to take them to the next level while conducting public and private workshops. He runs a lot and maintains a network of entrpreneurs across the world.
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Yogi Bhatt
Yogi Bhatt
Yogi is a Transformational Speaker who has a truly international footprint - born in Tanzania, brought up in India and the UK, and worked in four different industries across UK, Europe and the Far East. As a transformational speaker, Yogi is committed to helping people change. On the road less travelled, Yogi, will have you say the thing you don’t want to say, do the things you don’t want to do so that you can be what you always knew yourself to be. Yogi’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing transformational skills that most people struggle to learn in other contexts and who often don’t seek out the opportunity to reconnect with their own truth and purpose.
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Join the dots...

In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things - Miyamoto Musashi, legendary Japanese swordsman

In addition to the programs mentioned above, Step8Up Team helps you 'find' the dots, and then 'join' the dots (thank you Steve Jobs!) to make the full picture clearer in your decision making in the following three categories:

Data Science

We have an award-winning team experienced in data science, decision support, predictive modeling, data visualization (Tableau), R, SAS, Python and Matlab. We use these to provide additional services to our clients on full-fledged decision support. Where needed, we also partner with other experts keeping our client's advantage in view.

Program Management

We have a team of experts in program and project management at mid- to senior level, with the gravitas, qualifications and supreme standard of quality that goes hand-in-hand with the client's need to excel. Our skills include though are not limited to Six Sigma (DFSS, DMAIC), Lean Six Sigma, PRINCE2, and Agile. We pride ourselves at financial modeling, especially for fund-raising and business planning.

Strategy Consulting

We have a specialization in Business Strategy though some of our past cases have related to Corporate Strategy too. We pride ourselves with colleagues from the best (Top 10) B-Schools who are always updated with the latest developments and deliver a dynamic and responsive solution for long-term goals and short-term tactics. We combine this work with our Business And Results Program for a higher return on efforts for our clients.

Finance Your Business

"Be so good they can’t ignore you." - Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up

We as entrepreneurs ourselves, have known the journey of financing our businesses. Be it at any stage, from ideas to angel stages, the issues faced and the solutions evolved are varied. We exclusively partner with a team of experts to help you with this as per your situation. We pride ourselves at the speed, accuracy and the clarity of the process for you. While this service is aimed at helping you get the money, we support you all the way with additional services to help you take you and your team to step it up to the next level!
Are you ready to Step8Up!

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Career-shift/MBA Guidance

It is never too late to be what you might have been! - George Eliot

Our partners and consultants are from the Top 10 global business schools and have worked with the stalwarts of industry. However, a career shift and/or and MBA is a big and a very personal decision. Things that can go wrong usually do and having the guidance of someone who has gone through the entire process successfully is invaluable.
Our team has people who are from a variety of geographies and sectors, which means whatever is your start of the story, we can help you find a way to give a fulfilling end, the way you want it.
Our partners are also regular official interviewers for admissions to business schools such as HEC Paris and hence come with real-life experiences - not some hypothetical textbook guru but a real person guiding you throughout the way.