Are You Ready to Paint a New Picture? Try a Different Approach?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

When we try to achieve something important in our life, it involves sustained, forward change. We listen to advice, read books, attend workshops whether personal or through work. After a few days of feeling all revved our old routines and self-talk kick in such as boredom, self-sabotage etc. We know old habits die hard. We become what we repeatedly do. However, ingrained within us, is the need to do better, have more and be more.

  • How and why is our TOTAL FOCUS workshops different?
  • Our workshop is based on sound psychological and behavioral principles that have been tried and trusted by blue chip companies around the world.
  • We work with you every step of the way. We show you how to make the best use of you personal roadmap developed especially for you.
  • Your success is our personal mission.

    • What is included in our TOTAL FOCUS workshop and why attend?
  • Six hours in total over two evenings, a week apart, we will work with you from start to finish to go through the PROVEN solutions scientifically verified methods to define and understand your goals, create action plans, provide you with tools to handle self-sabotage and manage your mind, the most important “tool” you have to keep you on track.
  • Fully researched study guides, workbooks and two (yay!) successful and highly experienced experts, whose personal mission is seeing you succeed. Learn more about them here.
  • The UNIQUE part of our workshop is that we will follow up with you regularly over the course of your 90-day challenge, to personally hold you accountable, to help keep you on track and ensure you achieve and accomplish each and every one of your goals. Previous participants of our workshops have said: • Results are permanent • Learning is ingrained • Worth the investment in time, money and personal commitment to see results • Approach and teachings are different to other training/workshops to those previously attended
    • Want to attend a free 1 hour keynote presentation and learn how TOTAL FOCUS can help you have the best (12 months OR Year) of your life?

    What is the Free Keynote Presentation?

    "It always seems impossible until it is done." - Nelson Mandela

    We are "high-touch, not high-tech". We believe a website alone cannot deliver our message or our principles. We believe in in-person interactions and talking to people one on one. For this reason, we always provide a keynote presentation, a fully-fledged introductory session that covers a time-tested, condensed version of our Total Focus workshop, plus you also get an opportunity to meet with us one on one.
    Free Keynote Presentation

  • Fact-based tips to remove procrastination.
  • No fee. No strings.
  • Either at your premises or attend a public presentation.
  • Companies report record performance and increased productivity directly after this event alone.

    • What past attendees have said:
  • "This is a talk that summarised all the reasons why people fail in a single page."
  • "This is an eye-opener talk about what I have been ignoring while looking for solutions."
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  • More About the Speakers

    "We rise by lifting others." - Robert G. Ingersoll

    We can list down our awards and qualifications, but the true test of our accomplishments comes from what we have achieved with our lives and how that qualifies us to deliver the Total Focus workshop.
    The Dynamic Duo
  • Has a mission to make a positive and direct difference in the lives of 10,000 people, both individuals and businesses within the next 10 years.
  • Has the guts and vision to leave a lucrative engineering career to start the first Asian theatre company in the UK.
  • Showed true grit and perseverance to take the theatre company from scratch to a major success and travel the world with the Royal National Theatre.
  • Took the courage to change careers, emigrate to Spain and start a restaurant business without any prior knowledge of the restaurant/hospitality industry or Spanish!
  • Succeeded in taking the business to number 1 position on TripAdvisor not only for 1 year but for 3 consecutive years, while winning the hearts of his Spanish customers.
  • Big dreams, huge goals, determination and perseverance - this is Yogi's journey. While encompassing different industries and professions including arts, theatre, food/hospitality, finance and event management, Yogi has had the clarity and leadership to achieve his goals and distill his knowledge in the Total Focus workshop.

    Detailed Profile | LinkedIn Profile
  • Mission is to help transform 500 SMEs in the next 3 years.
  • Had the experience globally varying from product innovation, to international team management across 9 countries.
  • Had the perseverance to go from zero to half-marathon in 3 months - repeated this success and running his marathon next.
  • Taken repeated calculated risks - including moving countries, starting entrepreneurship networks, running an electric car startup, and being a mentor/judge/investor in the UK with MassChallenge and AngelsDen.

  • Our world evolves around our families and we show you how to achieve what you want by still maintaining a work:life balance.
    Detailed Profile | LinkedIn Profile

    Keynote for businesses

    "There's a difference between 'just a job' employee and a 'team player'. " - Ty Howard

    While we are fully aware “old habits die hard” for an individual, it is equally, if not more true for companies. When companies expect high performance from a team, more often than not the individual or the team will feel overwhelmed, or misaligned with the company’s vision.
    Our company keynote presentations are extremely welcomed appreciated at team meetings, quarterly reviews, annual kick-offs, award ceremonies etc., as this provides clear direction, focused vision and brings the team together to accomplish the best results. Companies receive a much-needed boost in productivity as a result of this keynote presentation alone.
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    Confirm my transformation

    "The right decision is the wrong decision if made too late." - Lee Iacocca

    Our approach is simple: The keynote presentation is an introductory session of the Total Focus workshop. It provides participants with a flavour of what is included in the workshop and allowing you to make an informed decision when you book.