Step8Up Burnout-to-Balance – Mini Course

Your lifeboat at an overwhelming time. 

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  • Practical scientific tips to come back your version of normalcy.
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Step8Up Mindly Accelerator – for Founders & Investors

Science-based practical steps to bring back your version of managed growth

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  • 8-weeks of on-demand journey with lifetime access with live updates.
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1-to-1 Sessions For Founders

Dedicated and custom one-to-one sessions

  • One hour per week with a certified and experienced professional.
  • Speak or network confidentially with other founders and investors who are ready to hear you.
  • Downloadable resources for life.
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Mindly at Work – Wellbeing that Works for You

Short group sessions at your work

  • 90-minutes at your workplace over a coffee/tea
  • Informal group sessions with a formal facilitator (trained, certified and experienced).
  • Regular sessions available to accommodate everyone in the company.
  • Downloadable resources for life.
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What people and companies say

The program online felt a safe venue to express myself. While this started as a business advice, Jeev used frameworks from psychology to guide me to clarity of mind, that aligned with my startup's roadmap. Our fundraise felt easier while I had the backup of a wellbeing program.
person looking out through window
Aditi P
Founder, Investor
Founders don't speak about this due to ego, taboo, investor response - but this course changed my life. Post-Covid, this is a game changing element in my life. Results in 3 months. Balanced work and family. Achieved business growth. Raising funds. I did some live sessions along with the Mindly accelerator.
Pete M
Dad, Founder, ex-burnout
The plan was to look at my pitch deck and the team. We ended up hiring Jeev to run a company-wide workshop on mental wellbeing. He used CBT, his SIMPLE framework, his anecdotes and workbooks and we now do it every quarter for the company. Employee feedback is that this is the friend that they needed at the workplace - very practical tips, safe environment and hugely powerful.
woman sitting on dock under cumulus clouds
Clara B
CEO, ex-FT500 exec
Shy to speak on these topics, the 1-to-1 counselling really helped me open up and process some things without any hesitation. My life at work and with my family have got transformed in 4 months. Highly recommended. Safe. Happy. Go for the trial intro session.
round life buoy
Travis P
VP in a 500 person EU firm

“Wellbeing that Works” with Jeev Sahoo

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  • Guest interviews with founders and investors
  • Free access to the results of  “Global Wellbeing Survey” 

Wellbeing at Work Survey

  • Have your say  
  • How is wellbeing treated at your company
  • Confidential and secure
  • Free access to the results of  “Global Wellbeing Survey”