We are a London based boutique consulting firm, specialising in

start-up to scaleup strategy,

fundraising beyond Series-A &

business consulting. 

We focus on mobility, energy, electric vehicles, edutech & wellbeing.

Series A & Beyond - UK/EU/India

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We work with startups with traction 

to create a focused strategic roadmap for growth 

in the domain of

clean automotive, electric vehicles and urban mobility, road to net zero, sustainability and technology for good.

Often, this involves a fundraising round (Series A and beyond). 

We have established partnerships with investment firms, accelerators and syndicated angels in the UK, EU and India.

Please click on the video here to know how we work together.

Wellbeing for Founders and Investors - UK/EU

Wellbeing still remains a taboo subject for founders and investors. After speaking with 1,500 CEOs and investors, we found Step8Up Mindly.

We conduct wellbeing workshops and have developed an initial app for managing preventative mental health issues at workplaces.

Our niche customers are business owners and investors.

A FREE mini course and 1-to-1 session are available from qualified professionals who understand both the world of startups and of psychology.


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Healthcare Consulting - India

doctor holding red stethoscope

We care for creating impact at the grassroots level in the healthcare sector in India. With a vast network of qualified consultants, we help companies and patients access each other in an affordable, efficient and time-critical manner. 

Edu Tech Investment

We are an active investor in Jam Coding Hampshire NW. We teach coding skills to children in primary and secondary schools. We are creating social impact by bridging the digital divide in the society, conducting e-Safety workshops, training the trainers to teach coding and creating a revolution for empowering the next generation with a combination of digital and life skills. 


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Jeev Sahoo - A quick intro

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